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We offer you the services that you need to stay on the road.  Whether you drive a Commercial Truck or its the family RV we can take care of all your Tire needs.

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Tire alignment is very important. Many tire problems can be traced to mechanical conditions in the vehicle. Therefore, to obtain maximized tire performance, vehicles must be properly maintained, and that includes tire alignment.

Alignment refers not only to the various angles of the steer axle geometry, but also to the tracking of all axles on a vehicle including the trailer.

The dual purpose of proper alignment is to minimize tire wear and to maximize predictable vehicle handling and driver control. Toe misalignment is the number one cause of steer tire irregular wear, followed by rear axle skew, also known as parallelism or thrust.

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Another pressure-related issue is that of dual-tire imbalance. When you’ve got a pair of tires side-by-side on an axle, if one is running at a lower pressure, it’s essentially got a different circumference than its neighbor.


This means that as the axle rotates, that tire’s going to drag and experience excessive wear, increasing the chance that it’s going to fail. 

Same issue with tire balancing. An out of balance tire can cause premature tire failure and equipment damage. We use the latest in full spin balancing technology.

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Commercial Tires

Commercial truck tires are designed to handle heavy loads.They provide handling, durability and have a high mileage life.


Commercial truck tires can endure long drive times, distances, and have to perform in many different conditions. We have a great selection of commercial truck tires in name brands.

Do you have questions, contact us! Our knowledgeable staff is here and happy to help you with any of your tire needs!

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Tractor Tires

We offer tractor tires. If you have a tractor that needs new tires and you are having trouble finding the right ones bring it down and let us do the work to get you back to work.

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