The Ultimate RV Checklist: Everything You Need to Check Before Spring

Ready to hit the road? Not if your RV isn’t in order, you aren’t. Over 41 million people in the US went camping in 2017. A hefty chunk of those people were in RVs, which will have sat dormant over the winter period. When spring comes, RV owners often neglect to perform the once-over on their RV before they head out onto the road.

Don’t be that family. Here’s our RV checklist for the spring season.

The Spring Clean

It might seem superficial, but cleanliness checks are some of the easiest to make and go deeper than you’d think. Put them at the top of your RV maintenance checklist to ease yourself into it. Give your RV a spring clean, inside and out. Doing so will make your vacation more comfortable. It’ll also extend the lifespan of your RV, prolonging the life of the protective exterior and your furniture within.

Under the Hood

Checking things under the hood can be an involved process. But it’s also a necessary part of the tune-up checklist.

You’ll need to check over your engine, including:

  • Fan belts
  • Radiator hoses
  • Oil levels
  • Fluid levels
  • And its general condition

You’ll also need to ensure your battery still has its charge. Batteries left in storage over winter can drain themselves out.

On the Outside

It’s not just the RV’s guts that might let you down. You’ll a thorough check of the exterior to make sure everything’s looking good. Pay special attention to your tires, as you’ll soon notice if one of these isn’t doing its job. At the same time, check your spare: a spare in worse condition than the tires may as well not be there. You’ll also need to check your wiper blades, lights, and the condition of the windows. In short, you’ll want to be road legal.


Of course, it’s the contents of a motorhome that set it apart from any other vehicle, so don’t overlook this aspect. A broken stove can end a vacation as quickly as a faulty engine. Fire up your appliances to check they’re in working order, including the refrigerator, microwave, and stove. If you have a TV or other entertainment devices, you might want to check those now or risk getting stuck in the wilderness with bored kids! Now’s also a good chance to flush out the water system and top it up.

Check for Symptoms

One helpful general check is to keep an eye out for symptoms of deeper problems. For instance, a smell of damp or mold could suggest a problem with your seals. Likewise for water stains. Also look out for signs of insect habitation. Insects can block AC or gas ventilation and make your life a misery if they’ve made it into the interior.

Your RV Checklist

With this RV checklist, you can be sure your motorhome is ship-shape when camping season rolls around. After all, would you rather discover a problem while your RV is in the driveway or while you’re deep in the wilderness? Not sure your RV is ready for the road? Consider booking a service with us.

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