Don’t Let the Winter Stop You! 5 Tips for Taking Your RV Camping in the Winter

Just because winter is coming, doesn’t mean you need to hang up your adventurer’s hat and tuck your RV away for the season. Winter RV camping may take a little extra work but it is doable. With some simple investments in heated elements, some skirting for your RV and maybe an extra warm fluffy comforter for your bed, you can hit the road in the winter months in relative comfort. Keep reading if you’d like to find out some of our tried and true tricks of the trade!

1. Prepare for Winter with a Fancy RV Skirt

Since many RVs are not made for year-around camping or travel, it’s important to make sure the undersides of your RV are kept warm and dry. RV skirts are great investments to make for those campers who think they might like to travel during the cooler months. Skirting can attach to the bottom portions of your rig and will drape to the ground, keeping the cold and damp out from the underside of your RV. There are a few companies that sell them. But for the crafty among us, DIYing it may be a worthwhile endeavor as well.

2. Invest in a Propane Stove

Staying warm in an RV can be a never-ending battle. Even going south in the winter can lead to some trying weather conditions. Investing in a few cheap heating options will be important for your well being. As well as your camper’s. Consider purchasing a propane heater. Since this type of heating element won’t use electricity it makes it a great addition to a rig that might not have the luxury of a year-round campsite with electric or running water. Indoor heaters will help keep your rig warm as well as you. This will also help your pipes or hoses from freezing over the months.

3. Winter-Proof Your Water Systems

Making sure your hoses are insulated is a very important step in winter camping. While some travelers may go out of their way to purchase heated water hoses, wrapping your hoses in insulation will keep them from freezing in cold months. If you want to go the heated hose route, purchase a heated fresh water hose from your RV retailer.

4. Pile on the Blankets

The winter months are great for cuddling. If you like piling on the blankets and getting cozy with your co-pilot, winter camping may be the thing for you. Investing in some heavy down blankets or lined blankets that will help keep your body heat trapped in the bed will keep you warm during the cold nights.

5. Add Anti-Freeze to the Tanks

The most important part of winter camping is making sure your tanks are winter-proofed. Draining all tanks and hoses before winter sets in will keep your water systems from freezing in the future. Adding anti-freeze to the tanks and flushing them through the plumbing system will keep everything from icing over.

Get Out Into that Winter Wonderland

Winter RV camping is definitely doable. With a few tricks, you can keep your RV as warm and cozy as you want. Give us a call before hitting the road and we’ll make sure your rig is as ready as you are for the snowy months ahead.

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